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ClassPad Help Series
Specialist Mathematics Units 1&2
(Mathematics Specialist in WA)

Make sure you have already mastered skills from Methods.

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Starting Out In Main

042 Eliminate Function PDF
046 Piecewise Defined Functions PDF
047 Angle Tips PDF
051 Assign And Delete Values To Variables PDF
055 Matrix Operations PDF
073 Complex Number Basics PDF
074 Polar To Rectangular Coordinate Conversions PDF

Working In Main

180 Vector Basics PDF
181 Vector Tips PDF


741 Angle in a Semi-Circle PDF
742 Angles in the Alternate Segment PDF
743 Angles in the Same Segment PDF
744 Cyclic Quadrilaterals PDF
745 Lengths of Tangents PDF
746 Tangents and Radii PDF
747 The Central Angle PDF
760 Transformation Of Objects PDF
770 Apply Matrix Transformation PDF
771 Find Transformation Matrix PDF
780 Animation Basics PDF
781 Angle in a Semi-Circle 2 PDF
784 Cyclic Quadrilaterals 2 PDF

Other Applications

985 Create A Small Program PDF

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The original collection of help sheets (organised by basic, intermediate and advanced skills) can be found here.