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ClassPad Help Series
Mathematical Methods Units 1&2
(Mathematics Methods in WA)

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Starting Out In Main

002 Setting Up 2 PDF
005 Exploring The Keyboard PDF
006 Basic Editing in Main PDF
007 Simple Calculations in Main PDF
010 Numeric Calculations PDF
011 Simplifying and Expanding PDF
012 Factorising PDF
013 Simplifying Algebraic Fractions PDF
041 Sequence: What Is My Rule PDF
043 Creating User Defined Functions PDF
044 Edit And Delete User Defined Functions PDF
045 Composite Functions PDF

Working In Main

140 Differentiation Basics PDF
141 Equation Of Tangent To Curve PDF
142 Integration Basics PDF

Solving Equations

200 Three Actions Before Solving PDF
202 Solving Equations With Solve PDF
203 Solving Linear Inequalities PDF
204 Solving Quadratic Equations PDF
206 Solving Simultaneous Linear Eqns 2 PDF
208 Rearranging Equations PDF
240 Restrict Range Of Solutions With Trig Equations PDF

Graph and Table

300 Graph and Table Settings PDF
301 Graph a Linear Function 1 (Graph) PDF
302 Graph a Linear Function 2 (Main) PDF
303 Graph a Quadratic Function PDF
304 Graph an Exponential Function PDF
307 Simultaneous Equations In Main PDF
340 Jump To An Exact Coordinate PDF
341 Show Gradient When Tracing PDF
343 Equation Of Tangent To Curve PDF
347 Graph Of Derivative PDF

Statistics and Lists

400 Statistics: Basic Settings and Actions PDF
402 Statistical Calcs: Frequency Table PDF
470 Normal Probability Calculations PDF
471 Inverse Normal Probability Calculations PDF
474 Binomial Distribution Calculations PDF
475 Graph Binomial Distribution PDF


601 Storing Formulae In eActivities PDF
630 File Management PDF
631 Add Strip Help PDF
632 Cascade Style eActivity PDF
633 eActivity Tips PDF
641 Ambiguous Case Of Sine Rule PDF


700 Geometry - Basic Settings PDF
712 Geometry - Triangle PDF
713 Geometry - Right Triangle PDF
714 Geometry - Solve Triangle 1 PDF
715 Geometry - Solve Triangle 2 PDF
716 Geometry - Solve Triangle 3 PDF


800 Sequence Basics PDF
801 Sequence Explicity Defined PDF
802 Simple Recursive Sequences PDF
880 Explicit From Recursive PDF

Other Applications

911 Using NumSolve PDF
912 NumSolve Tips PDF
980 Enable And Set Shift Keys PDF
984 Example Small Programs PDF

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The original collection of help sheets (organised by basic, intermediate and advanced skills) can be found here.