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ClassPad Help Series
General Mathematics Units 3&4
(Mathematics Applications in WA)

Make sure you have already mastered skills from Units 1&2.

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Starting Out In Main

041 Sequence: What Is My Rule PDF

Statistics and Lists

410 Statistical Calcs: Two Variables PDF
411 Scatterplot and Regression PDF
412 xyLine Time Series PDF
441 Prediction From Regression Line PDF
442 Residuals And Residual Plots PDF


501 Arithmetic Sequence PDF
503 Geometric Sequence PDF
541 Simple Interest PDF
542 Compound Interest PDF
543 Reducible Interest PDF
544 Annuities PDF
545 Smoothing Time Series PDF


800 Sequence Basics PDF
801 Sequence Explicity Defined PDF
802 Simple Recursive Sequences PDF
841 Reducible Interest PDF

Other Applications

922 Financial Compound Interest PDF
923 Financial Loan Repayment PDF

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The original collection of help sheets (organised by basic, intermediate and advanced skills) can be found here.